This song has been a blessing to millions across the globe and the testimonies are endless. Here are just a few

Derzzy Kunle wrote Just this evening in ghana, he was at the national theatre and this very song got me speaking in the language of the holy spirit for the first time ..
this song is not ordinary.. my soul really opened up tonight
Glory to God

This Song hits me differently Any day, Any time.
Remember when I lost my Job In 2020 cos of the Pandemic,had to go home and stay months without doing anything. Thank God for Pandemic cos it was during that time I discovered this song and this Amazing,Gifted Man Of God. I remember a day I was writing down my Restaurant Idea and this song came Up
I didn’t know when I broke down and started crying
I was feeling so down, despondent and dejected but when ever I hear that “NATIONS ARE INSIDE OF ME” I stand up and I Move On
God Has been so great to me lifting and upholding in the ways I can’t explain nor understand but all I can say is GOD’S STILL THE GREATEST

Enjoy Open Up:

Open up
Let it flow now
Open up!


Out of the mundane
To where I’m ordained
For things that were made
Were made from things unseen
There are realms of glory
For my world to see
Dimensions found only
In Jesus Christ the Son

Chorus [Dunsin Oyekan – Open Up]

Channels of my spirit
Open up!
I am with the Father
Open up!
No boundaries No limits
Open up!
Let deep call unto deep
Open up!

Out of my belly shall flow
Rivers of living water

Chorus [Dunsin Oyekan – Open Up]

Let it flow flow flow
Let the River Flow

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